Ran and Hal are joined by MMM the new lead of Kent Farmhouse and long time clash buddy Yammo.  We talk about leaving the friendly clan we all were in (Dark Scourge) to make our way to a bigger group of gamers that eventually led to The CFF (Clash Files Family).

This episode originally aired 2016-02-10.

Its Groundhog day with Walawala Wade predicting more than 6 weeks of a new show on the The Clash Files Family (CFF) Network: Kent Greenhouse (KGH).  KGH hosts Bazinga and Loblaw join Ran and Hal to talk about the initial goals of KGH and share a little of who they are.  Who other than Wade knew how far it would go?

This episode originally aired 2016-02-04.

All four hosts return, Hal still hasn't pulled the trigger on Town Hall Nine, and we try to get him to go to Eleven.  We talk about the closing of a clan and some new leadership around the family as we say goodbye to two of the hosts.

This episode originally aired 2016-01-28.

It's just the guys, joined once again by the legendary Scotty827 from the House of El and The Clash of Clans podcast. The conversations start with moonshine and home brew and just keeps getting better.

This episode originally aired 2016-01-17.

Jump in the wayback machine to 2015…

While the hosts are all enjoying some time off for the holidays, Halligan was able to take some time with fellow Leaders Maltheal and Lars to talk TH11, the Grand “Gorden” and crazy redheads with sledge hammers rather than axes…

This episode originally aired 2016-01-06.

Newest song from Jezza – Merry Clashmas Everyone!

This song originally aired on 2015-12-18.

This week Ranc1d and the gang talked about the rest of the massive update that just dropped with the leader of Kosar Maniacs, QueenMom!  We talked about reactions to the update and hope for the future, and shared our take on Christmas movies and the year in review. 

This episode originally aired 2015-12-18 and was our last episode of 2015.

This week Coop and the gang talked about the rest of the massive update that had just dropped.  Houston Live was a big hit and looked like a lot of fun so we talked about what that could lead to. We answered a bunch of great questions as well.

This episode originally aired on 2015-12-10.

This week Halligan and the gang recounted the epic in-family war between Noble Hero and K2, with a polar bear plunge at stake for the losing leader. We also talked about the communities reaction to the upcoming update, discussed the sneak peeks, and took a few questions. All this and more in this oldie-but-goodie Clash File!

This episode originally aired on 2015-12-02.

Fawkes, an original Clash Files family member, helps the gang keep on track and is witness to the dumbest wager in the family's history.

This episode originally aired on 2015-11-20.

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