Halligan and RancidMeat are back with new co-host Loblaw Law Blog.  They spent the show catching up over summer upgrades, guessing about the first three updates Supercell released this October, taking a couple of twitter questions and having some fun. This episode was originally recorded 2016-10-06.

Halligan welcomed back Greg Russo, Community Manager for Kamcord mobile streaming service. Listen as they talk about how far they’d come since last we spoke, and goes over new features. This episode was originally recorded 2016-04-24.

Friend of The Clash Files, Musical Director for the show, famed one hive interviewee, Clash With Ash spotlighted and all round great guy, CFF/K2 member Jezza brought us another Clash of Clans inspired and TCF theme song – Dear Clash Gods. This song originally aired 2016-04-19.

Halligan and Rancid talked with Scuba and Martha Stewart from the Kosar Maniacs.  The group rehashed some family news, what they have been having fun with in game and Queen Mom can be heard laughing all through the show. This episode originally aired live 2016-04-14.

In this episode, Halligan chatted with CCSarah. Sarah is the Leader of the Clearly Confused family of clans, Community Manager for Galadon Gaming, and was an omnipresent moderator on the streaming service Kamcord. This episode was originally recorded 2016-04-11.

RancidMeat is joined by some of the K2 big kids in a discussion on the recent changes to the game with the perspectives from a new Th 10 through to a former maxed 11.  Hal couldn’t join the cast but we still pick on him and his bowlers, talk a little strategy and the comps we’re having success with right now. This episode originally aired 2016-04-04.

AGrumpyTroll and AteYoBaby join the show to talk about wearing big boy pants, the updates and where we think the new troop trends will be.  We have a little Royal bashing and another group can line up to hate Halligan. This episode originally aired 2016-03-24.

Clash babes Gwen and Ash from K2 joined the show to discuss the latest family and community events, and the HUGE update notes from Super Cell. This episode originally aired 2016-03-17.

Foosa and River Rambo join Halligan and Rancid Meat for another episode, discussing the sneak peaks from Spancer. CoLeaders Foosa and River Rambo give us their opinions on warring without heroes. Jezza is all around entertaining and fills us in on his new verse to Hal’s Lament. This episode originally aired 2016-03-08.

Queen Mom and Chuck join Halligan and Rancidmeat to talk about family events, pick their favorite clanmates and speculate on a few clash update rumors. This episode originally aired 2016-02-16. 

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