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TCF - 2015-09-29 - Ep 16 - Bottomfeeders

The TCF crew is back with our guest Bryce from The Phantom Zone.  We talk how the price of tomatoes and dollar menu items are directly related to gem generation, Ran continues to get deeper in debt but barters meat for money and the team talk about all the mistakes clans make trying to get and keep members.

TCF - 2015-09-26 - Ep 15 - We’re givin it all away

Nat, Coop, Hal and Ran get to talk CFF news including K2's level 5 win over Trojan Mando (who they beat for level 6 a little over a month later), how the Co-hosts conned Ran into a big payout, and why Crystal is like Indiana and Hell

TCF - 2015-09-07 Ep-14 The Grand Daddy of Clash

The gang returns once again to talk clash with an EPIC guest ClashDaddy!  As  of the original players from beta, one of the first community moderators and youtube content providers, he offers an interesting perspective of the first few years of clash.  Learn about Barglebola farming tactics, some odd accounts from back in the day,  and how the revenge button is just like clubbing baby seals.

TCF - 2015-09-07 - BBQ TH Ten series - Ep 04 - Push yourself

In the Final episode in the BBQ series DirtyPirate gives his take on being a max account and offers some advice to Rancid that can only make every player better.

TCF - 2015-09-06 - BBQ TH Ten series - Ep 03 - 9.5 or not

Gearbanger joins Rancid in the third installment of the BBQ series to discuss .5 strategy vs becoming a max account and makes valid points for both sides as we progress through the game.

TCF - 2015-09-05 - BBQ TH Ten series - Ep 02 - Steady Progression

In the second episode of the BBQ series, Rancid is joined by Ooda/Moose to talk about his progression as a mid max account.  He relays some of his pitfalls and successes making his way through the game.

TCF - 2015-09-04 - BBQ TH Ten series - Ep 01 - Two Noobs

This is the first episode in the BBQ series about becoming a maxed account (long before TH11 even came out).  In this episode Jamie joins Rancid to discuss being a new TH and how to approach the troops and building upgrades.  Even though this was recorded back in 2015 and TH 10 was the max, a lot of the points made still hold true.

TCF - 2015-09-01 - Ep 13 - Farewell G I Joe

Nat is back and the group talk White Flag campaign (remember back then), family news and a little out of game rememberance for Michigan hero.

TCF - 2015-08-27 - Ep 12 - Tweenynine

Gwen makes her first podcast appearance and becomes one of our favorite guests in an instant.  The team continues to absorb the game and the upcoming Clashcon.

TCF - 2015-08-20 - Ep 11 - Mod the Mac and Cheese

Our second ever guest JEZZA joins the show and you may want to put on a pair of adult diapers before listening.  We share a long lost piece of clash info as well a a hundred million jillion laughs.

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